Yeidhavan Movie Review

Movie with a message

Yeidhavan is a crime thriller which aims to bring out how medical colleges make money in the education sector.

Kalaiarasan’s sister aspires to become a doctor, however she fails to get a seat in counselling.

To fulfil her dream Kalai gets loan and gets her seat in management quota in a private college only to find out that the license of the college has been canceled by Medical Council of India.

Even as he fights to get back his capitation fees, his sister dies in a mysterious way. Kalai finds that Gowtham who runs the institution is the reason for her death.

Kalai uses his brain not only to avenge the death of his sister but also to safeguard the future of students.

Kalai just had to do some natural acting to suit his role and has just did that. The scenes where he plots against Gowtham are all very well written and executed in a nice way with his skillful acting.

Satna Titus, though has very little screen presence, has done an influential job and has met the requirement of the character.

Debutant director Sakthi Rajsekaran could have avoided a few clich├ęd scenes and the placement of the songs hindered the flow of the screenplay. Other than than he had given an engaging thriller with more details about the subject.
Yeidhavan Movie Stills Kalaiyarasan Satna Titus
Even with so much characters involved, the director and the editor I J Allen had made sure that the audience are able to keep a track of everyone.

Debutant music director Paartav Baargo has done a decent job with the songs and BGM but could have been better.

On the whole, Yeidhavan is an engaging script which talks about a serious issue.
Yeidhavan Movie Stills Kalaiyarasan Satna Titus