Ratchasan Movie Review

Ratchasan Movie Review Vishnu Vishal Amala Paul
Vishnu Vishal is an aspiring filmmaker who wants to make it big in the cine industry and approaches many producers with a psycho killer story.

However, his story gets rejected several times. Due to the pressure of his mother, he takes up the job of a Sub-Inspector of Police.

Many young girls are brutally murdered a few days after his joining. Vishnu starts to make use of the field research that he did to create his story, to investigate the case.

But he finds resistance from Suzanne, his superior officer. Even before he could dive deep into the case, he suffers a personal loss due to the killer.

Is Vishnu able to find the killer and how did he solve the mystery behind the psychotic murderer forms the rest.

Vishnu Vishal has the knack of choosing different scripts and delivering them neatly. He has done the same with Ratsasan and has portrayed his brainstorming sessions to solve the case in a convincing way.

Amala Paul who comes as a teacher and the love interest of Vishnu has got nothing much to do. Munishkanth, Kaali Venkat and Suzanne have done justice to their characters.

Director Ram Kumar has taken a new angle to a crime thriller by interlacing the filmmaking skills and police techniques of the hero to solve a murder mystery.

The long running hour of the movie is the biggest drawback of the film. However the research he has done to design the character of psychopath and the methods that he has used to capture him are all top notch bringing the audience to the edge of their seats.

Ghibran’s music has amplified the intensity in the movie giving many nail biting movements for the audience.

Ratsasan is an engaging and a new crime thriller which keeps the audience engaged.

Rating: 4.25/5 – Cat and mouse game