Kathiruppor Pattiyal Review

Kathiruppor Pattiyal Movie Review Nandita Swetha Sachin ManiSachin is an unemployed youth who is staying with his friends in Pondicheri. One day he gets a call from Nandhitha who asks him to invest in the company she is working to get more benefits.

Sachin continues to talk to her for a few days after which he says that he did it just to pass time. Angered by this Nandhitha decides to take her revenge on him and finds his residence.

She complains to his house owner that Sachin is her lover and that he had cheated her. Sachin falls in love with Nandhitha after seeing her, though the heroine initially declines his love, slowly starts loving him.

Sachin lies to her saying that he is working in a big company and is earning a handsome amount. However, she finds out the truth.

To save his love, Sachin starts searching for a job and ends up in the company of Nandhitha’s father, who rejects to give him a job. Meanwhile, he gets in a problem with inspector Arul Doss. Did Sachin get a job and succeed in his love forms the rest of the story.

Sachin who has made his debut in the movie has done a decent job and looks like a seasoned actor. Nandhitha who has a knack of selecting different scripts has got a role to showcase her talent.

Director Balaiah Rajasekar has taken up a regular love story and has given it a fresh screenplay with a few twists. The natural flow of comedy ensures that the movie is not boring and keeps the audience engaged. Sean Roldan’s music is soothing and BGM is an added strength to the film.

Kathiruppor Pattiyal is a regular love story packaged in a different manner.

Rating:2.25/5 – This waiting list is confirmed