Saamy Square Movie Review

Saamy Square is the battle between Aarusaamy family and Perumal Pichai family. The much anticipated sequel takes off from the climax of Saamy in which the hero kills Perumal Pichai.

After coming to know about his father being in hideout fearing police arrest, Bobby Simha along with his two elder brothers travel to Tirunelveli from Sri Lanka.

He finds out about his father’s demise and plans to take revenge on Aarusaamy and succeeds in it. Vikram’s son Ram Saamy is raised as Vivek’s son in New Delhi by Delhi Ganesh.

Ram desires to become a police officer and he gets posted at Tirunelveli where he learns about his father and what happened to him. How he takes his revenge forms the rest.

As usual director Hari has kept the screenplay racy which is one of the positives and negatives of the flick. Even before one scene could sink in, the next one begins which makes it difficult for the viewers to keep track of the events.

Vikram who plays two roles in the movie has the same energy and action just like the first part. However, the scenes are cliched and outdated.

Aishwarya Rajesh and Keerthy Suresh do not have much to do and are typical Hari movie heroines. Bobby Simha as the antagonist is terrifying and scares the audience with just his looks. Music by DSP is above average and keeps the racy tempo of the flick.

Go watch the movie if you are a fan of Hari movie and his signature scenes.

Rating: 3/5 – Race is the pace