Aruvi Movie Review

Actress Aditi Balan in Aruvi Movie ReviewTo put it in simple words Aruvi is a story about a young girl who gets thrown out of her family to end up in the company of a transgender and the changes that happen in her life.

How she is treated by the society, for what reason was she thrown out of her family forms the crux of the movie.

First of all, the production house Dream Warriors Pictures should be appreciated for venturing into this project, which will go down as one of the best movies of the decade.

Director Arun Prabhu Purushothaman has taken up a template subject (if one may say so) and has delivered it in a different style that would reach the current generation audience.

He has a unique story telling pattern, knows how to keep the audience engaged and has also delievered an important message through the flick without getting preachy or boring the audience.

Aditi Balan could not have asked for a better debut and she has nailed it with her acting skills. She very casually emotes different feelings and also takes the audience along her journey.

She is natural and does not try too hard to bring out the character. Another biggest strength of the film is Shelley Calist’s cinematography which depicts the various emotions of the lead role showing variations in different portions of the movies.

Bindu Malini and Vedanth Bharadwaj’s songs which come in the background amplify the feeling of the movie and convey a few things in music which words cannot.

Aruvi is a good movie with a good content. With only minor flaws, it can be enjoyed by the audience.

Rating : 3/5 – Going with the flow
Aruvi Tamil Movie Review & Ratings