Kootathil Oruthan Movie Review

Priya Anand, Ashok Selvan in Kootathil Oruthan Movie Review
Ashok Selvan is a middle bencher who is not noticed by anyone throughout his school days. The first ever recognition he got was when Priya Anand appreciates his efforts to put the garbage on the beach in to the dustbin.

Later in a television interview Ashok sees Priya Anand saying that she desires to take up journalism and hence he too joins the same college as her, where he befriends Balasaravanan.

When Ashok expresses his love to Priya, she says him to achieve something after which she will think about accepting his proposal.

Dejected by this, the hero tries to commit suicide by falling in to the sea where he accidentally saves the son of Samuthirakani, a local don

Samuthirakani assures to assist Ashok in his love and does a few things that get the people to talk about him following which Priya accepts his love.

However later, she finds out that Samuthirakani had helped Ashok in the things that he had done and she leaves the hero. What happens after that forms the rest of the story.

Ashok Selvan has lived as a middle bencher and has done his part to perfection. Be it the scenes where he feels for not being noticed by people or when he expresses his love to Priya he has understood what the character demands and has delivered it.

Similarly, Priya Anand has a crucial role with more scope to express herself and proves her mettle.

As usual Samuthirakani attracts the audience with his seasoned acting as a don and as well as a father.

Director T J Gnanavel has tried to bring the travails of middle benchers, their problems and difficulties. Though he has succeeded to deliver in most parts of the movie, during the climax the flick seems to look like yet another commercial cinema.

Music by Niva K Prasanna is very pleasant and has captured the mood of the movie well. Cinematography by P K Varma is also appreciable.

To sum it up, you can relate to the movie if you are a middle bencher.

Rating: 2.5/5 – In the limelight