Yaman Movie Review

Hero Vijay Antony accepts to take the blame for a drunk and drive accident as he is in need of money to save his grandfather (Sangili Murugan) who is suffering from cancer.

This is where he makes first contact with a politician and then on gets involved deep in to it.

What happens after that is a said with an interesting and intriguing screenplay.

Vijay Antony knows his limitation as an actor and chooses scripts accordingly. Yaman is no exception.

The actor is improving with every movie and is good with every emotion be it showing love to his father or maintaining a dignified approach with his lover Mia George or the one being fierce in his political ascendancy.

Mia George on the other hand has very little to do except for standing behind the hero, a solo song and a duet.

Veteran actor Thiagarajan makes his strong presence felt as a seasoned politician. While Charlie, Sangili Murugan and Swaminathan have all done justice to their roles.

Though Vijay Antony is getting better as an actor, a little more effort is need in the music department. Apart from the Mascara pottu Mayakiriyae tune which comes in the BGM everything else looks flat.

Director Jeeva Shankar has given a strong content and has handled it well.

Though there are many logical flaws in the flick, the gripping screenplay makes the audience forget it.

An engaging political thriller which has a timely release with the present scenario.

Rating: 3/5 – Full of life