Balle Vellaiya Thevaa Review

Balle Vellaiya Thevaa is about the problem that arises between a young man and local big shot in a village.

Sasikumar has once again tried to be in his forte of a rural based subject with comedy as its crux.

Rohini, a postal worker gets transferred to Vayalur, a village near Madurai with her son Sasikumar.

Sundaram who runs a cable TV in the village is against people buying dish antenna which will be a hindrance to his business.

Once Sasikumar gets settled in the place, he buys a dish and when Sundaram is against it Sasikumar motivates the entire village to buy dish leading to a clash between the duo. Joining him in the fight against Sundaram is Kovai Sarala and Sangili Murugan.

Meanwhile Sasikumar falls in love with Tanya, daughter of a local butcher. How Sasikumar manages to handle Sundaram and is he able to marry Tanya forms the rest of the story.

Though most Sasikumar’s flicks may look similar, at least the narration keeps the audience engaged which is missing in this flick.

Debutant director P Solai Prakash has tried to convey how still some villages are void of technology also makes some impact.

Sasikumar has once again done what he does best by playing the role of a jobless young man.

Comedy by Kovai Sarala and Sangili Murugan have worked out nicely, however they too lag at some points.

Tanya has very little scope to showcase her talent but has done well in the scenes that she comes.

Darbuka Siva’s BGM score is good, but has failed to entertain the audience with the songs.

Though Sasikumar’s effort to give opportunity to debut directors is appreciable it would be better if he also concentrates on the story as well.

Battle half won