Ammani Movie Review

Ammani Movie ReviewOnly once in a blue moon, women oriented subjects are made in Kollywood and the rarest of them are received well by audience. ‘Ammani’ is one such film.

Directed and written by Lakshmy Ramarishnan, the movie puts spotlight on the life of a widowed mother with a drunkard elder son, a wife-obedient younger son, and the son of her daughter who are all in one way or the other behind her pension money.

Being the third film for Lakshmy as director, she also plays the lead role as a 57 year old widow Saalama. She has carried the character flawlessly and had emoted love, anger, sorrow and contempt with ease. Not only as the script writer and director but Lakshmy has excelled as an perfomer too.

Subbalakshmi as Ammani, a 82 year widow staying with Saalama, collecting empty plastic bottles for a living, fits in the role that expects less and enjoys more with a mischievous eye and a never say die attitude. She saves quite a handsome of amount and ultimately becomes the second target of Saalama’s sons and grandson.

The biggest strength of the 90 minutes movie is the screenplay and the way in which the actors have carried their respective roles.
Background music by K keeps the audience engaged with mixed blend of songs. Camera work of Imran Ahmedh needs special mention as he has captured the life inside the house in Vyasarpadi with breathtaking shots.
Emotional and engaging