Aandavan Kattalai Movie Review

Aandavan Kattalai Movie Review
Bring aboard a director (Manikandan) who relies on script and execution with a social message, give him a versatile actor (Vijay Sethupathi) and the end result will be Aandavan Kattalai. Despite low promotions this movie had high expectations, credits to this combo.

Gandhi (Vijay Sethupathi) and Paandi (Yogi Babu) villagers near Madurai plan to work abroad using a fake passport and come to Chennai.Whether the duo succeed in going abroad and how they handle their problems forms the rest of the story.

The problems involved in using fake documents forms the crux of the movie. Vijay Sethupathi as usual has played his character with ease, while Yogi Babu has more scope for acting instead of just palying the second fiddle.

Manikandan’s trademark dialogues keep the audience engaged and also ensure that the day to day problems of a city migrant is also shown in detail. Inspite of having nine songs, they do not interrupt the flow of the film as they merge with the movie. K’s music adds life to the screenplay.

Rithika Singh who plays a bold journalist character had emoted will in this movie especailly in the climax where she expresses her love with shyness.

Shanmugasundaram’s cinematography is a visual delight. The director has shown that we do not need to use glycerin always to show heavy scenes and it can be done in a casual way by relating it to people. Though the movie is a tad slow, this one is a sure shot hit.

Bold and Beautiful