Bangalore Naatkal Movie Review

Raai Laxmi, Bobby Simha, Arya, Sri Divya in Bangalore Naatkal Movie Review
Raai Laxmi, Bobby Simha, Arya, Sri Divya in Bangalore Naatkal Movie Review

Joining the long list of remakes in Tamil cinema is Bangalore Naatkal. A ditto of Malayalm blockbuster movie Bangalore Days, the Tamil version is catchy, colorful and captivating.

Directed by Bomarillu Baskar, it features Arya, Bobby Simha, Rana, Parvathy and Sridivya in key roles. The Malayalm movie was hailed for it brought out the emotional bonding between cousins living in a distant land in a lighter vein.

The Tamil version is no different thanks to stupendous performance by the Tamil cast and crew. It manages to strike a chord with masses. The movie is woven around three cousins Divya (Sridivya), Arjun (Arya) and Kannan (Bobby Simha). They are close to each other and loving spending time with each other. Their life is fun and entertaining.

Also they share a common love that is for Bangalore city. As days go, Divya gets married to Prasad (Rana Daggubati) and settles down in Bangalore. Unlike her cousins, Rana speaks less and there is no nonsense talk by him. He means his work and short and sweet in everything he does.

Interestingly Arjun and Kannan come to settle in Bangalore with her. They get work there. The rest of the story is how the four get along and faces the challenges emotionally.

Three cheers to Arya. He is back to his refreshing days. He is bubbly and energetic. He rocks the whole show. He falls for Sarah (Parvathy) and goes through a sea change in his life. He pulls it off well.

Watch out for Bobby Simha who gets to do a meaty role. He gets under the skin to pull it out well. Rana who reprised the role by Fahad Fazil in the original, thanks to charming looks does it well.

Paravathy does what she did in Bangalore Days. She is extremely emotive and does bring out her best. A promising talent. But the show stopper is Sridivya. She is right there giving her best. Stupendous show by her. Interestingly she managed to dub her own.

Three cheers to Baskar who managed to remake the original without any fuss. He managed to get his act right with a colorful visual presentation.

Music by Gopi Sunder is peppy and suit the mood well. Three cheers to PVP for coming out with a grand production and these multi-starrers deserve a good watch.

Three cheers to Baskar and team. A good show indeed.

Bangalore Naatkal – Faithful remake