Aranmanai 2 Movie Review

Aranmanai 2 Movie Review
A horror-thriller never fails to attract masses in Kollywood. The recent trend is that movies made in such a genre have not just raked in moolah but also managed to win the admiration of the masses.

For the couple of years, many movies including Sundar C’s Aranmanai that was about ghosts clicked well. Perhaps buoyed by this, Sundar C has opted to come out with a sequel to it. This time more glamorous, gripping and gritty.

Directed by Sundar C, Aramanai is an energetic show and the movie begins from where it ended last. There is enough entertainment and loads of fun and laughter besides spine-chilling moments in the film. Sundar C manages to weave an interesting story in Aranmanai 2.

The sequel of his 2014 flick Aranmanai, the movie has Trisha, Siddharth, Hansika, Poonam Bajwa, Soori among others in crucial roles. Music is by Hip Hop Adhi and cinematography by U K Senthil Kumar.

Sundar knows the knack of coming up with a gripping screenplay with enough lighter moments. He has proved why an admired commercial filmmaker is for over two decades with a stellar show here.

It is a horror film laced with lots of humour. The film is set in a palatial bungalow and it is centered on Trisha and Hansika’s roles in the film. There are scary moments that have been handled well by Sundar C.

There is no big difference in terms of story from the prequel. The setting is different and the manner in which scenes unfold too is unique. A ghost that lands in the body of other woman to achieve its mission how it is being driven forms the rest.

There is romance, horror and spine-chilling elements in right mix. Call it a super show by Trisha and Hansika. The a letter is a lucky charm for Sundar C and all her films with the director in the past were hits. She does what she does. Delivering her best on screen. Three cheers to her character which has come good.

Trisha combines beauty and performance. She has a meaty role to do and does it well. Siddharth is bubbly and energetic. The onscreen chemistry with Trisha is good. And watch out for Soori and Kovai Sarala is good. And of course, Sundar C is an elegant performer.

Music by Hip Hop Adhi fits the story well, while Senthilkumar’s camera captures horror scenes well. On the while, the movie is better than its prequel. A commercial entertainer well-done by Sundar C.

Aranmanai 2 – A superb show! if you want a lot of laughs with some horror.