Vishal ‘Chakra’ trailer will be released on Saturday

Vishal Chakra trailer will be released on Saturday
This film will be released in four languages such as Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Hindi. This is the very first time, a movie releasing in 4 languages at a same time.

The trailer of the film is being released on their twitter by four predominent actors in four districts.

Karthi and Arya in Tamil, Rana in Telugu, Mohanlan in Malayalam, Yash in Kannada will be releasing the trailer.

The trailer of the movie is coming out on Saturday. The Short teaser known as ‘Glimps’ from the ‘Chakra’ has relesed and appreciated by millions of viewers. People who have seen this trailer asked the director, will it be like Irumbu Thirai- 2?’

Director M.S. Anandan says, “‘Chakra’ is a film about cyber crime, but ‘Irumbu Thirai’ has nothing to do with it. The story is set to be significant. You will never forget all the scenes from the movie. It will have family-friends scenes, but they are not as usual. I guarantee that, this will be a film that ties the audience to the edge of the seat, so that the audience can’t miss the attention for even a second.” The director says with confidence.

The film which is produced by Vishal Film Factory, directed by M.S Anandan who served as an assistant director to Ezhil.

“Chakra” is emerging as the story of online business scams. By this movie, people will understand how cyber hackers are worser than bank robbers.

Shratha Srinath is acting as a police officer. Regina Cassandra plays the lead role. With them Robot Shankar, KR Vijaya, Srushti Dange, Mano Bala, Vijayababu and many others are acting in this film. Yuvan Shankar Raja has composed the music and song lyrics are done by Madan Karki. Cinematography Balasubramaniam, Editing by Samir Mohammed, Art direction S Kannan, Stunt director Anal Arasu, PRO Johnson.