Sei Movie Review

Heroine Aanchal Munjal writes a few scripts and is trying to become a director. She happens to meet producer Manobala who rejects all her stories and asks for an interesting story based on someone who has impressed her.

Following this, she starts searching for an interesting person and ends up meeting Nakul, who cheats a girl. He portrays himself as an advertising model and cheats the shops in the locality.

Aanchal starts following Nakul, who finds this out and falls in love with her. To make her love him, Nakul starts going to a job as an ambulance driver after his dad falls sick.

He happens to transport a dead body accompanied by Nasser. Nakul grows suspicious about the body and in the meanwhile he starts facing various political pressures.

Is Nakul able to find the identity of the body and deliver it to the right person? What happened to his love with Aanchal forms the rest.

Nakul is energetic through out the movie and has acted well. Sei is a good comeback vehicle the actor. Newcomer Aanjal has delivered what was needed of her role.

Prakash Raj, Nasser and Thalaivasal Vijay have done their respective jobs in a neat manner. Director Raj Babu has neatly scripted the story stressing on the importance of organ donation and has extracted the work needed from the artists.

Sei is a neatly conceived story with all the elements of a good thriller. But we can’t avoid the feeling that the execution could have been better.
Rating: 2.25/5 – Less talk, more action