Fans get 4D feel of 2.0 trailer

Fans get 4D feel of 2.0 trailer
The trailer of the much anticipated magnum opus of the year 2.0 was released on Saturday. The trailer seems to be the extended version of the teaser which was released earlier this year and the visuals are stunning and are instant attention grabbers in the video.

Speaking during the launch, Rajinikanth said, ‘People kept asking why the movie is delayed. Even if we come late, we always arrive at the right time. We should strike correctly when we come,’ he said.

Amid thunderous applause from the audience, the superstar quickly added in a sarcastic manner that he was talking only about the movie.

He also praised the hardwork of Shankar and Akshay Kumar for the movie and shared his experience from the shooting spot.
Meanwhile audience at the Satyam theater were also given the experience of watching the trailer in 4D.