Ezhumin Movie Review

Vivek Devayani Ezhumin Movie Review
Vivek is a businessman who lives happily along with his wife Devayani and their son Arjun, a boxer. Arjun has five friends who are all good at various martial arts but are not able to get trained properly because of their poverty.

Vivek accepts to sponsor their training based on the request made by his son. However, Arjun dies and Vivek is devastated by this.

But his son’s friends try to comfort him and he vows to make their dreams come true. But problem comes in the form of Sports Academy president Azhagam Perumal who is against these kids.

Is Vivek successfully in completing the children’s wish forms the rest of Ezhumin.

Vivek has taken up a full fledged performance role in the flick. He has emoted well and has ensured that he keeps the movie lively along with the kids.

He makes the audience cry when he feels for the loss of his son. Devayani who has made her reentry in silver screen after several years has also done her part well.
The six kids who play the important roles in the movie are terrific and will have an impact on the audience for a long time to come.

Director Viji has taken up the concept of importance of martial arts and has delivered in a way which can be understood by the kids who are the target audience of the movie.

Music by Ganesh Chandrasekar is above average and all songs in the movie are excellent. Ezhumin is not something that is commercial but one that is needed at this hour.

Rating: 3.25/5 – Rise of native martial arts