Aan Devathai Movie Review

Ramya Pandian, Kavin, Monica, Samuthirakani in Aan Devathai Movie Review
Samuthirakani and Ramya Pandian live together with their two kids. Ramya is a luxury lover and she takes various steps to fulfil her dream. Finally she lands in a job with good pay.

With both parents working and there being no one to address the needs of the children, Samuthirakani decides to leave his job and stays at home to take care of the kids.

Ramya sees enormous growth in her work and buys her own house and car. After a certain stage, she goes to party with friends and starts drinking.

This leads to a fight between Ramya and her husband. Following this Samuthirakani leaves his house and stays at a hostel. He is accompanied by his daughter Baby Monica.

Did the couple solve their difference and get back together and what happened to the kids forms the rest.

Samuthirakani as usual gets into the skin of the character and has performed well as a concerned husband and a caring father. Ramya on the other hand has represented her character with close to perfection. Both the child artistes in the movie too have done well.

Director Thaamira has taken up a contemporary issue and has stressed on the importance of living in a family than running behind luxury and properties.

The storyline is good, however, the screenplay becomes too predictable making the audience loose interest after a certain point of time. If that had been crisp, the movie would have been all the more enjoyable.

Aan Devathai is a movie which stresses on the importance of family life.

Rating: 3.5/5 – Pursuit of happiness