Asuravadham Movie Review

Sasikumar Nandita Swetha Asuravadham Movie Review
Asuravadham is your regular revenge story which has been tried to be presented in an different angle.

Vasumithra is being threatened by Sasikumar who says that the former will fear and run for life and will be killed after one week.

Vasumithra finds out that Sasikumar was the one who has threatened him and tries to finish him off but he keeps escaping instilling fear in his heart.

At one stage Sasikumar gets caught. Who is he? Why did he threaten to kill Vasumithra and did he succeed in it forms the rest of the story.

Unlike his previous movies, Sasikumar has very less dialogues in the flick and more action and expression. He has done well in the role. Nandhita who has an extended cameo has done her part well.

Vasumithra as the antagonist has ample scope to perform and he has utilised it to his full potential getting the appreciation of the audience.

The first half an hour of the movie is extraordinary and keeps the audience glued to the screen. However director Marudhupandian has not been able to maintain the tempo throughout, which is one of the biggest setbacks of the film.

The casting is perfect and the director has extracted what he wanted for the character from the stars. A huge round of applause should be given for S R Kadhir’s cinematography- he has got some stunning shots in different angles taking the audience into the film and giving them the feel of what the director wanted to convey.

Though the movie has a strong message, it is being revealed at the pre-climax scene which also did not work out well. Music by Govindha Menon is above average and the two songs are place at inappropriate situations.

On the whole the movie which starts fantastically and ends on an average note.

Rating: 3/5 – Starts brisk and ends slow