En Peyar Surya Review

Anu Emmanuel Allu Arjun in En Peyar Surya Movie ReviewAllu Arjun, a short tempered person, is the son of a popular psychologist Arjun. He splits with his dad at an young age due to their differences.

Allu Arjun wants to become an army official and fulfils his dream. However, he gets suspended several times due to his anger and once he gets arrested by police, where he beats a cop.

The army decides to court martial. Considering his good will and skills, the army however decides to give him one more chance and he is sent to Arjun to get a good conduct certificate.

Arjun gives Allu Arjun a test and asks him to be calm for 21 days. During this time several problems happen to which Allu Arjun stays calm.

Meanwhile, an army official is killed by Sarathkumar’s son in front of Allu Arjun who remains calm. After this incident, Allu Arjun gets a feeling that he is not his natural self.
Actor Arjun in En Peyar Surya Movie ReviewWhat Allu Arjun decides after that incident, did he get the certificate from Arjun, was he able to rejoin the armed forces forms the rest of the story.

Allu Arjun fits well the character of an angry young man and emotes well when he tries to control his emotion. He stands out in love scenes with Anu Emmanuel as well.

Arjun has brought out all his experience for this role, especially in the scenes in which he goes against his son. Sarathkumar who plays the antagonist in the film is terrifying, the same goes to Anoop Singh who plays his son.

Anu Emmanuel does not have much scope in the film, however she makes a mark in the few scenes that she appears.

The movie directed by Vamsi which starts with a few commercial elements turns a bit preachy in the second half. He has emphasised that each person has his/her individuality which should never be compromised.
Sarathkumar, Pradeep Rawat in En Peyar Surya Movie ReviewSongs by Vishal Dadlani are average, but a commendable job has been done with the background score.

En Peyar Surya En Veedu India is an out and out commercial entertainer which has a message for the masses.

Rating: 3.5/5 – This Surya is bright