Vadivelu opts out of Imsai Arasan 24th Pulikecei

Vadivelu opts out Imsai Arasan 24th Pulikecei movie
Imsai Arasan 23am Pulikesi which was released in 2006 was one of the trend setting movies of the K-Town and went on to become one of the greatest hits of all time for Vadivelu.

Shooting of its sequel began in December last year and the announcement of this was made by producer of the movie, director Shankar.

The first look poster of the movie was also released and the movie has been titled as Imsai Arasan 24am Pulikesi.

However problems began when it was allegedly said that Vadivelu did not turn up for shooting and the makers filed a complaint against the actor.
Actor Vadivelu will no longer act in Imsai Arasan 24th Pulikecei
Sources said the actors association sent two letters seeking clarification from Vadivelu and it was also said that there were discussions to put an temporary ban on the actor.

However, the actor has now issued a statement stating that he will no longer act in Imsai Arasan sequel, citing financial and mental health as reasons.

Vadivelu also alleged that the producers asked him not to sign any other films until he completes this project.
According to Vadivelu, the call sheet was given between June and December 2016. However, the makers failed to begin the shoot as per schedule, which subsequently led to the comedian incurring a loss.

He also slammed the producers for tarnishing his image and stated that he will no longer give dates for the project, which is bankrolled by Shankar.