Savarakathi Movie Review

Ram is a barber living with his hearing-impaired pregnant wife Poorna and two children.

One day Poorna tells her husband that her brother is planning to marry his lover without the permission of the girl’s parents. She asks Ram to preside the wedding.

In the meantime, Ram gets into a quarrel with Mysskin, who is out from jail on a one day parole. During this time, a car hits Mysskin’s vehicle in which he gets injured.

Except for Mysskin’s uncle, all his aides tell that it was Ram who hit him. Believing this, Mysskin decides to cut Ram’s hand and finds him.

Though Ram says that he did not hit him, Mysskin does not listen. Left with no other option, the hero pushes him and runs away taking his family to the wedding.

Did Mysskin have his revenge, was the marriage successful forms the rest of the story.

Ram has lived as the character and there is no second thought about it. He has made the role his own giving audience the feel that it is his life that we are actually watching. His dialogue delivery, body language are all exceptional.

Mysskin who comes with a negative shade in the movie has performed well showing the other side of his acting skills.
However, the show stealer is Poorna, who has taken a tough role and has delivered it with authenticity. Her boldness for accepting the role should be appreciated.

Director G R Adithya has tried to show the changes that a normal man’s life undergoes due to circumstances. The movie is a mix of humour, sentiment, action and has got something for everyone.

The ensemble of cast is one of the biggest strengths of the movie.
Screenplay by Mysskin gives us a feel that we are watching his film.
Arrol Corelli’s music gels with the movie making the audience to get involved in every scene.

First half of the film moves with humour and there are few hiccups in the second half which can be ignored. Overall, Savarakathi is another new attempt in Kollywood which has come out well.
Rating: 3.5/5 – Sharp on all sides