Gulebagavali Movie Review

Prabhu Deva is the right-hand man of Mansoor Ali Khan and an expert in stealing and selling statues. Hansika who lives with her sister lures young men and steal money and valuables from them. Similarly, Revathy is number one is stealing cars.

Anandraj is a gangster who gets information about valuable jewels left by the British and hidden in a village called Gulaebaghavali. He holds Hansika’s sister as captive and forces her to bring the jewels Hansika is accompanied by her lover Prabhudeva and Munishkanth.

Revathy who also learns about the jewels begins the hunt for it. Did Hansika get the jewels and save her sister, what are the motives of Prabhudeva and Revathy form the rest of the story.

Prabhudeva never seems to age and looks youthful and energetic. His expressions, humour sense, action and dance are all enjoyable.

He has also not hesitated to take the backseat when required. Be it the scenes where she feels for her sister or lures young men for money, Hansika has done well.

However, Revathy is the show stealer who easily manipulates people and steal their cars and change the situation according to her need. Rest of the cast, including Anand Raj, Munishkanth, Mansoor Ali Khan, have done their respective characters to near perfection.

Director Kalyan has tried to give a full fledged comedy entertainer which has come out well. A huge positive for the movie is the casting.

Music by Vivek-Mervin is top notch and Anand Kumar’s cinematography is fresh and colourful. Gulebaghavali is a full fledged comedy entertainer for the festival weekend

Rating: 2.5/5 – Centered with comedy