Ulkuthu Movie Review

Nandita Swetha Bala Saravanan Dinesh Ulkuthu Movie Review
After a long delay, Ulkuthu starring Dinesh has released. The movie is set in the backdrop of a coastal town where the place is under the control of Sharath Lohitashwa and Dhilip Subbarayan.

Bala saravanan, a native of the town, befriends Dinesh, who claims to have walked out of his rich family. Bala Saravanan is also in the idea of getting his sister Nandhita Shweta married to Dinesh.

Things go topsy-turvy when Dinesh beats one of the henchmen of Dhilip Subbarayan. Only later the real identity of Dinesh and his motive is revealed.

Casting is one of the biggest strengths of the movie and director Caarthick Raju should be appreciated for the minor differentiations that he brings in the scenes. He has infused meaning behind even a small sequence. He has kept the suspense about the hero for a long time, increasing the curiosity of the audience.

Dinesh as a young man with an inside rage fits in the characters perfectly. He has done well in the action sequences but on the emotional part there seems to be something missing.

Balasaravanan is used to provide some relief in the movie with his one liners.
Dhilip Subbarayan who comes as the don who does not think twice before killing people is terrifying.

Not just his acting but the stunt sequences choreographed by him are also a highlight of the film.

Music by Justine Prabhakaran has elevated the mood of even an otherwise normal scene. Cinematography by PK Varma is also above average.

Overall, the movie can give a satisfied feel for the audience when they leave the theater.

Rating:3/5 – Packed with a punch