Veeraiyan Movie Review

Veeraiyan Movie Review Shiny
After getting betrayed by his brother whom he educated, Aadukalam Naren takes an oath to make his son study and bring him to a good position in the scoiety.

Meanwhile, councillor Vela Ramamurthy’s daughter and his driver fall in love and they try to elope. During this, they get caught by Inigo Prabhakar and his friends who roam in the village without any resposibility.

Inigo Prabhakaran also hits the driver during this time, Naren’s son who happens to pass by the place stops the fight. This news somehow reaches Vela Ramamurthy who thinks that it is Naren’s son who is in love with his daughter and orders him to be removed from the school.

Following this, Naren’s son blames Inigo Prabhakaran for his problems and the hero vouches to ensure that he studies and enrols him in a tutorial.

Did Naren’s son complete his studies, what happens to the lovers form the rest of the story.

Inigo Prabhakaran who comes as a carefree youngster fits the character perfectly and makes a mark with his acting as a brother, lover and a friend.

Aadukalam Naren’s characterisation should be appreciated and he has added value to his role with his seasoned acting.

Director S Faridh has used the triangle of love, father-son love and friendship and has conveyed what he wanted to say. The director could have also concentrated on the screenplay as the scenes tend to drag at many places making the audience lose interest.

Music by S N Arunagiri is above average and cinematography by P V Murugesh has captured the beauty of Thanjavur effectively.
Veeraiyan is a movie that captures a variety of emotions.

Rating: 2.5/5 – Going with the flow
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