Spyder Movie Review

Mahesh Babu SJ Surya Spyder Movie Review RatingSpyder is a story of the battle between the protagonist who wants everyone to be happy and the antagonist who smiles seeing the suffering of the others.

Mahesh Babu is an Intelligence Bureau officer who also has his own spying gadgets through which he listens to the distress calls of the people and helps them. He goes out of his way to prevent any possible crime and ensure the safety of the public.

It is during this process he meets Rakul Preet Singh and also crosses path with a serial killer played by S J Suryah.

Suryah along with his brother kill people just for the sheer pleasure of listening to the wailing sounds of their family members and they have a flash back to justify their behaviour.

Mahesh babu has a stylish and intelligent role to play and has excelled in the action blocks and the places where he decrypts Suryah’s plans. This is also his perfect debut in Tamil and his dubbing is also impeccable.
Mahesh Babu Rakul Preet Spyder Movie Review Rating
However, SJ Suryah is the show stealer with his mannerism and body language, he instills fear in the audience. He has lived the character and this is by far his best performance, even better than the one he played in Iraivi.

Director AR Murugadoss has made a few changes in his story telling methods and it has really worked out well.

He creates the hype for the villain character and creates fear even before Suryah is introduced. The cat and mouse chases are all well scripted and are of top notch.

Harris Jayaraj’s music is one of the biggest strengths of the film alongside Santhosh Sivan’s picturisation.

On the flip side, the scenes look to skip logic at some points. However, this is compensated by the screenplay.

Spyder, to sum it up, is a serial killer movie with all the thriller elements and commercial angle.
Rating: 3/5 – Web, set, go