Neruppu Da Movie Review

Neruppu Da Movie Review Vikram Prabhu Nikki Galrani
Vikram Prabhu and his four friends aim to become fire-fighters. When everything seems to happen according to their plan, a sudden twist of event flips their life.

Vikram Prabhu at a young age is inspired by the fire-fighters who put out a fire in the locality.

He decides to become one and his friends too join him. Just a day before their exam, one of Vikram Prabhu’s friend
accidentally kills the friend of a local don.

Following this the don sets out to find the killer to have his revenge. Did the friends escape? Did the don have his revenge forms the rest of the story.

Vikram Prabhu seems to have turned his attention to become a complete action hero and has excelled in all departments. He has understood the character well and has played it according to the story.

Nikki Galrani who comes a medical student plays the ladylove. The chemistry between the lead pair is good.

Director Ashok Kumar has managed to keep the audience engaged till the pre-climax. There are few twists in the movie which are revealed at unexpected times. This keeps the audience guessing till the very last.

Sean Roldan’s music and the technical works are the backbone of the movie.

Verdict: A commercial film and a much needed break for Vikram Prabhu

Rating: 2.5/5 – Fast and fiery