No 1 Yaari With Rana @ No.1 Spot with 9.1 TV Rating

After capturing the audience adoration on the big screen with zealous performance in Baahubali and The Ghazi Attack , young actor Rana Daggubati’s television debut as No.1 Yaari host is raising his popularity in a big way on Television.

According to the latest weekly TRP his show No.1 Yari in Gemini TV has been ranked as the most watched show and zoomed to No. 1 spot in its 3rd episode in 28 BARC ratings.

Rana is driving television viewers to tune-in religiously, episode after episode.“Alright now this is really cool!! Thank you all for watching me on multiple platforms!!, will do my best to keep entertaining you!!” Rana tweeted.

The producers of No. 1 are equally excited as the program is garnering tremendous TV viewership. According to the producers of the program – No.1 Yari is been able to accomplish this position with its high quality television programming and their ace presenter.

While for actors to get face time with those viewers who aren’t going to the movies as often, the television is a fantastic way to do so and Rana certainly found a way to get his popularity extend to millions of home through his Yaris.