Peechankai Movie Review

Peechankai MOvie Review
Karthik is a famous thief whose left hand is his biggest asset as he uses it for his ‘profession’.

Though a thief he lives with morals. One day he returns the hand bag of the heroine stole by his friends and they ultimately fall in love.

In the meantime, a political party head MS Bhaskar gives an all important position in the party to his close friend Vivek Prasanna thus disappointing Venkatesan, a senior functionary of the party who plans to have his revenge of Vivek.

Now Vivek has a weakness where he has the habit of recording his sexual affairs and watching it later. Venkatesan plans to steal the videos and release it online to spoil Vivek’s image.

This job finals lands with our hero who meets with an accident and suffers with alien hand syndrome in which his left hand function on its own.

Was Karthik successful in stealing the phone, what are the problems that his left hand creates to him and how to tackle them form the rest of the story.

Though a newcomer, Karthik has carried the entire flick on his shoulder and has given a solid performance, be it the scenes where he shows mass or the scenes where he struggles with his uncontrollable left hand. He has shown variety.
Peechankai Tamil MOvie Review
The female lead Anjali Rao looks beautiful and is the perfect choice for her role. MS Bhaskar has a different look and entertains the audience with his seasoned acting skills.

Director Ashok has chosen a different story line and all the more importantly, has chosen his cast perfectly. Though there are a few low moments in the movie, it overall gives a satisfied feeling.

Songs by Balamurali Balu are foot tapping and interesting and the BGM has given additional value to the flick. Peechankai is a new attempt that has come out well.

Rating: 3.8/5 – A promising hand