AAA Movie Review

Anbanavan Asaradhavan Adangadhavan Stills AAA Movie Simbu Shriya Saran
The movie begins with Kasthuri, a police official in Dubai, in the hunt of a don there and rounds up all his associates.

Mahath who is close to the don is also caught in the process and starts narrating the story of Ashwin Thaatha (Simbu).

The story rolls back to the 90s, where Madurai Michael (Simbu) is happily living with his friends Mahath and VTV Ganesh and works as a henchman for a big don in the town.

One day he happens to see Shriya and falls for her. After a few meetings, she too reciprocates his love. However she asks him to leave his current job and move with her to a different city.

But due to circumstances he ends up in jail and after which he flees jail and lives in a hide out.

Years later he becomes old and rechristens himself as Ashwin Thaatha. Seeing that one of his friends marrying a younger women, he also wants to do the same and accidentally meets Tammannah and starts liking her.

Does his love succeed forms the rest of AAA in the first part. It is expected that the relation between the Dubai don and Ashwin Thaatha will be explained in the second part.

Adhik Ravichandran who is ardent fan of Simbu has given more importance to mass of the actor and Madurai Michael character is filled with action and punch dialogues. Just like the director’s previous flick TIN, this movie has also more masala elements to attract the youth.

Simbu has given a exceptional performance with ease both as Madurai Michael and Ashwin Thaatha.

However the movie seems to be running on a no story line which makes the audience to disengage from it. The director seems to have also lost track of the screenplay which is another setback of the movie.

Inspite of having a huge star cast like VTV Ganesh, Kovai Sarala, Y Gee Mahendran, these characters seem to be weak and of less importance.

Shriya and Tammannah have excelled in their respective portions and Shriya who has made a comeback to K Town after a few years has carried her role well. While Tammannah comes as a modern girl who runs an oldage home, Shriya is clad in a saree throughout her portions and looks elegant.

Simbu’s acting is one of the biggest strengths in the movie, Yuvan’s music is another pillar which has held the movie together.

AAA is a movie which has more mass elements than story.

Movie Rating: 2.5/5