Venkat Prabhu’s RK Nagar Movie Details

Venkat Prabhu RK Nagar Movie Title Logo First PosterHumour and Innovations have unconditionally been the heart-and-soul of Venkat Prabhu films, which gets decorated with his catchy titles. These bestowments don’t confine to his directorial boundaries, but he has stretched out his creative muscles for this new production ‘R.K. Nagar’ from his Black Ticket Company as well. Over the past one week, the ostensibly reveling innovative posters have been spreading out the pecks of attraction. Finally, with this title that is so much acquainted with current context, it adds up more emblazonment.

RK Nagar Movie Title Logo First PosterThe quirky posters of the film’s cast and crew unveiled as Vetpalargal (Candidates) instantly became the cynosure of social media with the league involving producer Venkat Prabhu as Vetpalar 1, Saravana Rajan (Vadacurry fame) as director named Vetpalar 2 and Producer Badri Kasthuri as Vetpalar 3 followed by other candidates Vaibhav (Hero), Sana (Heroine), Sampath (Villain), Venkatesh S (DOP), Premgi Amaran (Music Director), Praveen KL (Editor), Videsh (Art Director) and Vasuki Bhaskar (Costume Designer).

Vaibhav, Sana, Sampath Raj in RK Nagar Movie Title Logo First PosterBrimming up with glee over the tremendous response to these creative promotions, Venkat Prabhu expresses his joy over revealing the title. “Promoting small films with intense involvement and creative means has become the need of hour. We as a team of ‘R.K. Nagar’ have been spellbound over the positive reactions that population of Twitter and Facebook have endowed us. It boosts our invigorations and lands us upon heaps of responsibility to carry forward their support by living up to their expectations with our final product,” says Venkat Prabhu, who feels confident about proficient filmmaking skills of Saravana Rajan, who has been his assistant director from ‘Goa’ and continued to work in all his movies including Mankatha. Yet another interesting fact about Saravana Rajan is that he happens to be a top-notch choreographer as well.

Venkat Prabhu, Saravana Rajan, Badri Kasthuri in RK Nagar Movie Title Logo First Poster