Thondan Movie Review

Man of principles
Samuthirakani Sunaina Thondan Movie Review
There has always been some social message in Samuthirakani’s movies, Thondan has taken it a bit far ahead and tends to be more preachy.

Samuthirakani is a do-gooder who accidentally becomes an ambulance driver after his mother dies because the emergency service did not reach her on time.

He earns the grudge of the son of a local Minister Namo Narayanan, for saving the life of a person attacked by the latter.

In a following incident Narayanan’s brother Soundararajan is attacked by the hero’s sister and friends after he tries to rape a girl.

Samuthirakani fails to save the life of Soundarajan, which angers Narayanan who vows to destroy Samuthirakani’s family. How the hero saves his family forms the rest of the story.

Samuthirakani plays the role of message messiah in the movie and establishes himself in many scenes, including the one in which he advices his friend Vikrant who stalks his sister.
Arthana, Samuthirakani in Thondan Movie Stills
While Samuthirakani has occupied most of the screen space with lenghty dialogues, there was little scope of Vikranth who turns a paramedic after the hero’s advice.

The hero has no flaws in performance, however this is not his best as the director.

There are a few scenes which come as a relief from the rather preachy movie and the cameo of Soori and Thambi Ramaiah are among them.

While the good intentions and the social messages of the director can be sensed, he could have avoided the preachy tone.

Music by Justin Prabhakar and cinematography by Richard M Nathan are highlights in the movie.

Thondan is a movie made for die-hard Samuthirakani fans and social message lovers