Saravanan Irukka Bayamaen Review

Familiar Friend

Director Ezhil after Velainu Vandhutta Vellaikaran has once again come up with a comedy script. There is an army of seasoned and young comedians in this flick, who, in association with Udhayanidhi Stalin, try their maxium to tickle the funny bone.

Just like the template of a comedy movie, the hero Udhaynidhi Stalin is unemployed and is accompanied by a gang of friends.

Soori holds a grudge on Udhay as the latter is the reason for the comedian to land in Dubai after being removed from the party chief post.

In the meantime, Regina Cassandra, the childhood crush of Udhay, is made to stay at his house. They both have been in a bit of cat and mouse relationship right from their childhood.

As expected, the hero falls in love with the heroine and Soori who returns from Dubai takes his revenge on Udhay. All of a sudden a ghost helps the hero to succeed in his love. Did the love succeed, who is the ghost and did Soori has his revenge form the rest of the story.

Udhayanidhi has seasoned as an actor and has better emotions this time, but there is very little scope for him to showcase his talents. On the other hand the gorgeous and talented Regina Cassandra is wasted throughout the movie with just a furious expression.

Though all the comedians have got enough screen presence there is very little to laugh about and the lack of a strong story line also makes the audience disengaged from the move. Even the likes of Robo Shankar and Soori have also not been utilised to their full potential

While Ezhil did a commendable job with the humour department in Velainu Vandhuta Vellaikaran, it did not help him much this time.
In other words, Saravanan Irukka Bayamen is a humour movie with not much humour in it. But it is enjoyable in parts.