Enga Amma Rani Review

Going with the trend of heroine centric movies, Enga Amma Rani is about the emotional connect between a mother and daughters.

Sai Dhansika is the mother of twin daughters Varnika and Varsha who live in Malaysia. Her husband goes missing at his work place in Cambodia. This forces Dhanshika to search for a job to survive.

In the meantime, she loses Varsha to an unknown disease, and even before she could recover from it, she finds out that Varnika is also affected by the disease. How does she struggle to save her daughter forms the rest of the story.

Dhanshika has carried her role like a seasoned actor and easily connects with the audience with her performance. Understanding her character well, she has expressed her emotions in a perfect way that moves the audience to tears.

Varnika and Varsha have done a decent job and have been well handled by the director.

Music by Ilayaraja is one of the biggest strengths for the movie. He has moved the audience with his background score, especially in the sad scenes. There are only two songs in the movie and did not stop the flow of the screenplay.

The movie which begins with the bonding of the mother and daughters takes an unexpected turn into the horror genre and the connection between the spirit and the happenings are very well narrated and intertwined which keeps the audience interested.

Debutant director Bani has done a commendable job with an emotional script. Though the scenes have an emotional connect, they seem to be a bit to dragging in many places which is a setback for the film.

On the whole, the bonding between a mother and daughters has been portrayed in an emotional way.

Rating: 3/5 – An emotional journey