Brindavanam Movie Review

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Brindavanam Movie Review Arulnidhi Tanya
Arulnithi, a barber in Ooty, cannot speak or hear. He becomes a fan of actor Vivekh’s comedy sequences as it is his only source of entertainment.

He is liked by everyone in the neighbourhood becasue of his ever smiling and friendly nature. Tanya, his friend, is secretly in love with him.

One day, Arulnithi happenes to meet Vivekh, helps him repair his car and becomes friend.

They start hanging out together with Tanya and another friend Senthil. During the course Vivek suggests Tanya to express her love to Arulnidhi.

However the hero rejects the proposal angrily and has his own reasons.

He does not pay heed even when Vivekh tries to pacify. What happens after that forms the rest of the story.

The first aspect which impresses the audience is the colourful picturisation of Ooty and the pleasant presentation of the movie with a soothing background.

Arulnithi has perfected his role and this can be said to be his best performance till date.
Vivek Tanya Arulnithi Brindavanam Movie Review
Vivekh has a strong role in the movie and is back in full form with his humour. Tanya as a local Ooty girl has given a splendid performance and is sure to get many more flicks.

Dialogues by Pon Parthiban and Radha Mohan are the biggest strength of the movie and have emotion and humour in good proportion.

The movie however gets a little predictable towards the end but can be enjoyed till then. ‘Brindhavanam’ is a feel good movie for the family.