Shivalinga Movie Review

Sakthivel Vasu and Sarah are in love which is not liked by her father. One day, Sakthi is killed as someone pushes him off a train.

Police close the case of suicide as there was no evidence to prove it was a murder. However, Sarah gives a complaint stating that it was a murder following which the case is transferred to CBI and it is Raghava Lawrence who handles the case.

Lawrence moves to a house in Vellore along with his newly wedded wife Ritika Singh. They sense paranormal activities and in the meantime the hero makes Vadivelu, a thief, to stay with them.

Vadivelu finds a few change in the behaviour of Ritika and informs it to Lawrence, who at first brushes it aside but then comes to term with reality and realises she is possessed by the ghost of Sakthi that wants to take revenge on his murderers.

Did Sakthi succeed with his revenge, was Lawrence able to save his wife and who killed Sakthi forms the rest of the story.

Lawrence is not new to this genre and has entertained the audience with his performance and expressions.

Ritika Singh has showcased her acting skills as a girl clad in saree in the first half and as the ghost in the second. She has even grooved to the tunes on par with Lawrence.

This is so far the best movie ever since Vadivelu made his comeback. With a casual look and funny expressions, he tickles the humour bone with his timing sense.

P Vasu has done a decent job of recreating the magic of a Kannada movie of the same title and has given a neat screenplay to suit the Tamil audience. The twists in finding the murderer are all well planned.

Music by Thaman gives the eerie feeling needed for the movie and the songs are also foot tapping. A special mention had to be made about Sarvesh Murari’s cinematography.

Despite all its clichedness, Shivalinga is a thrilling ride with all needed ingredients

Rating: 3/5 – Eerie Story