Kattapava Kaanom Review

Adult comedy movies seem to be the latest trend in the K-town and Kattapava Kaanom is the recent addition to the list.

The story of Kattappava Kaanom opens with the introduction of Sibi Sathyaraj, who is considered unlucky by his parents because of his multiple failures. In the meantime Kattappa (a Arowna fish) is considered a lucky charm by Mime Gopi.

In a series of incidents, Kattappa comes to the possession of Sibi, who is by now married to Aishwarya Rajesh whom he met in a bar and eventually got married.

Even as all this is happening a fresh set of villains emerge who think that Sibi is hiding four crores which belonged to them. Mime Gopi faces a few set backs which makes him search for Kattappa.

Did Mime Gopi get back Kattappa, did the new villains get their money, what happens to our hero and heroine forms the rest of the story.

Sibi in the recent times has been very careful in choosing his scripts and Kattappava Kaanom is no exception. He has placed the script above himself and has performed well. Aishwarya Rajesh comes as bold girl breaking the stereotypes with a tinch of grey shade.

Yogi Babu and Kaali Venkat complete the humour cycle of the flick and both are show-stealers with their timing.

Director Mani Seiyon’s biggest strength is his comedy and especially the ‘A’ ones. He has also overcome the conventional methods of having duets, fight and even in the climax the villain wonders whether he is the good or the bad guy.

Santhosh Dayanidhi’s BGM, Anand Jeeva’s cinematography, Lakshmi Dev’s art direction and Satheesh Kumar’s editing have also helped the course of the director.

Verdict: You can enjoy the movie if you enjoy adult comedies.

Rating: 3/5 – Adult fish