Enakku Vaaitha Adimaigal Review

Jai is an IT professional and loves Pranitha. He gets suicidal tendency after she leaves him for another guy. Jai consults Thambi Ramaiah, a psychatrist, who advices him to share his burden with his friends.

Following this, Jai calls his friends Karunakaran, a bank cashier, Kaali Venkat, a crazy Ajith fan who is an auto driver and Naveen.

The friends who initially tolerate the ‘torture’ by Jai at one stage suggest him die. What happens after this forms the rest of the story.

The story line is simple and not new to the industry. However, director Mahendran Rajamani has tried to capture the angle in which how friends suffer when someone in the gang has failed in love.

Mahendran has delivered the story with comedy and it has worked out really well.

Jai fits the role of a young love failure guy. While Thambi Ramiah triggers the comedy portion it has ended well in the climax by Mottai Rajendran.

Pranitha looks lovely throughout the movie but has very little scope for acting. Santhosh Dayanithi’s background music is a big plus and the songs also keep the audience in the seats.

The biggest drawback of the movie is the lag in the screenplay and the lengthy duration. However this has been compensated well by humour.

A slow jolly ride