Manal Kayiru 2 Movie Review

Manal Kayiru 2 is the second sequel in two weeks in Kollywood box-office, after Chennai 600028 – 2 last week

The movie is sequel to comedy classic Manal Kayiru directed by Visu with S Ve Shekher in the lead in 1984.

In the first part, Shekher as Kittumani putforth eight conditions to marry a girl. This time it is his daughter Poorna who has conditions for marriage.

Visu as Naradar Naidu however ensures that Poorna gets married to Arjun (Ashwin Shekher) . The problem the couple face and how they overcome it forms the rest of the story.

The director has managed to make the sequel to suit the present generation audience.

Shekher steals the limelight with his oneliners and timing and keeps the audience engaged whenever there is a lag in the screenplay.

Poorna fits the character of a head strong heroine who also looks bubbly and has a pleasant look.

Ashwin Shekher still needs to improve, however his timing comedy works out well and is not bad in dancing.

Though Visu has lost his voice much to the disappointment of his fans, he gets to convey the much needed message to the fans.

Delhi Ganesh, Kuriokose Rangam Swaminathan, M S Bhaskar and Chaams have played their characters up to the mark .

Editing by Athiyappan Siva, the film has cinematography by Gopi, which can be credited.

Though it does not live upto the mark of the original, Shekher’s brand of comedy can be enjoyed if you are a drama lover.

Rating 3/5 – Family Thread