Kathi Sandai Movie Review

The first of many– combination of Suraaj and Vishal, Vishal and Tamannah pairing for the first time and a comeback movie of Vadivelu with Soori sharing the screen space with him for the first time. Kaththi Sandai has released today to much expectations, but how has the movie faired?

The story is simple and is about a farmer who targets the people who deny the basic needs of his village. The hero loots them and gives it for the welfare of the people. The problems he face because of this forms the rest of the story.

To make the movie more like an action thriller the director has used some unrealistic stunts. Vishal has tried the commercial way yet again in his career and to be honest it has come out well only to an extent. Glorifying stalking forms a major part in movie when he tries to make Tamannah love him.

The biggest sell of the flick was that it is the comeback movie of ace comedian Vadivelu. But he does not come on screen in most of the first half. The oneliners from Soori don’t hit the mark.

Tamannah who had more scope to perform in her previous films is used more as a glam doll in this one and has very little to do.

The consolation in the movie is the music and a few songs.Cinematographer Richard M Nathan has done a very good job.

Lack of strong story and interesting screenplay make the movie to drag at most part.

Rating: 2.5/5 – Swords and words