Ghibran’s ‘Chennai to Singapore’ Musical Journey 12th August

Ghibran’s ‘Chennai to Singapore’ Musical Journey begins on 12th August, 2016
Ghibran’s ‘Chennai to Singapore’ Musical Journey begins on 12th August, 2016

Where medications have failed, music has succeeded. This stands as the universal truth about the ‘Miracle of Music’. Ghibran, one of the talented composers of Tamil Cinema is all set to gain glory to music by his ‘Chennai 2 Singapore’ musical journey.

It is to be noted that Ghibran has composed six songs for the film ‘Chennai 2 Singapore’ and that will be released in six countries. The long musical journey that starts on 12th August will begin from Chennai and travel through Bhutan, Myanmaar, Thailand, Malaysia and finally halts at Singapore. The film ‘Chennai 2 Singapore’ directed by debutante Abbas Akbar has new faces Gokul Anand, Anju Kurian and Rajesh in the lead roles.

“August 12th is the big day for our ‘Chennai 2 Singapore’ team and we are ready with our ‘Big Black Beast’ Ford Endeavour. Most people think that travelling from Chennai to Singapore is possible only by air but we can also travel through roads…Since it is a twenty-day journey, the steering should be handled by two persons. Our director Abbas is an expert in driving but I have learnt driving only few months before…” confesses Ghibran with a naughty smile.

“Chennai 2 Singapore film is really very special to me. With new script, new director, new lead actors, we also wanted our music release to be fresh. Hence we have stepped into this musical journey. I believe that this effort will act as a perfect and proper landing in audiences’ mind…” says Ghibran, the composer of ‘Chennai 2 Singapore’ in a confident tone. It has to be said that Ghibran’s ‘Chennai to Singapore’ musical journey has all the qualities of being a remarkable feat in cinema history.