Rana Daggubati unveils Sumanth’s Kapatadhaari Teaser

There is a reason Sumanth is saying that everything that happens in this world has got a cause. It’s related to the theme of his upcoming movie ‘Kapatadhaari’, an emotional suspense thriller. After meaningful films like ‘Malli Raava’, ‘Subrahmanyapuram’ and ‘Idam Jagath’, the talented actor is now doing this promising film in the direction of Pradeep Krishnamoorthy.

Produced by Lalitha Dhananjayan and presented by G Dhananjayan of Creative Entertainers And Distributors in Telugu and Tamil, the film’s exciting Teaser was on Thursday unveiled by Telugu cinema’s hulk and versatile pan-India actor Rana Daggubati.

The Teaser hints that the story of ‘Kapatadhaari’ was woven around the idea that there is a strong reason behind everything that happens in the universe.

Sumanth, who plays a traffic cop in the movie, requests cops that he will take part in their investigations into a murder, only to be warned that he better stay away from the investigation process. The incidents in the Teaser surely pique the viewer’s interest.

Towards the end of the Teaser, someone utters the line, ‘Vaadi asalu moham daachukovadaniki veshalu maarche vyakthi’, only adds to the sense of mystery. In the background, we hear these lines in a song:
“రంగులు మార్చే లోకం

పాచికలాడే న్యాయం

నీతీ నియమం మరిచి..

జీవితమంటే యుద్ధం పోరాడటమే లక్ష్యం.. కన్నులు కప్పి తిరిగేవాడేరా..”
Certainly, we are intrigued about the mysterious master of disguises in the suspenseful film!

The film is getting ready for Censor and its release date will be announced soon.

Cast:Sumanth, Nandita Swetha, Pooja Kumar, Nasser, Jayaprakash, and Sampath.

Music is by Simon K King. Cinematography is by Rasamathi. Art Direction is by Videsh. Editing is by Praveen KL. Screenplay adaptation is by Dr. G Dhananjayan. Dialogues are by Bhashyasree. Stunts are by Stunt Silva. Story: Hemanth M Rao. Executive Producer: S Subramanian. Creative Producer & Screenplay Adaptation: Dr. G Dhananjayan. Producer: Lalitha Dhananjayan. Direction: Pradeep Krishnamoorthy.