Rajini meets fans, talks about politics

The fans meeting of Superstar Rajinikanth was today inaugurated by veteran filmmaker S P Muthuraman with whom he had made 25 films.

Talking before the photo session, Rajini said that if he enters politics he will make sure that he would keep the wrong people away form him.

He said that he ‘accidentally’ supported a party in the 1996 elections which has made people bring up his name in every election.

‘Every election I have to reiterate that I do not support any party just to make sure that my fans are not used by politicos or the other way around,’ he said.

He said that he travels in the path that God has given him. ‘Today I am an actor, and I don’t know what He has in store for me tomorrow,’ he added.

Fans from Karur, Dindigul and Kanyakumari took photographs with Rajini today.