Kaithi Movie Review

Karthi Kaithi Movie Review
Director Lokesh Kanagaraj already proven his skillset in Maanagaram Movie, Now he comes with KAITHI action thriller.

The whole film deals with what happens on a single night when Dilli (played by an in-form Karthi), a prisoner who has just been released, gets involved in a cat and mouse game between a drug mafia and the police. Although the film majorly revolves around the clash between the mafia and the police, the story has a strong emotional connect in the form of Amudha, Dilli’s daughter. Father-Daughter emotion is something very genuine and inevitable! This emotion keeps us invested in the plot, than just engaging us.

Karthi is completely natural in a character which has two aspects of sentiment (for daughter) and action. Karthi should be appreciated for allowing other characters to share of screen space.

Narain is competent as a good cop Bejoy. All other characters are cast aptly. Second hero of the film is George Maryan who enacted the role of Napoleon. This character is very well written. The guy who acts as a lorry owner (Dheena) gives occasional entertainment.

Director Lokesh Kanagaraj takes his writing and directing skills to next level. The director should be appreciated for sticking to the plot and for not bothering about comedy, love story and songs. There is a slot for inserting a flashback episode when the sidekick asks hero about his backstory, but he not added in the movie.

Music Composer Sam CS’s brilliant background score compliments it aptly. Sathyan Sooryan’s cinematography, especially his play with the lights, convey the tension in the air and elevates each scene. Anbariv stunts raw and real. A milestone movie in Tamil cinema in terms of technical department work.

Karthi is an action thriller with a bit of emotion. The length of the film appears a bit stretched and there are too many action sequences.

Rating: 3.5/5 – Must Watch