Kaappaan Movie Review

Mohanlal Suriya Arya Kaappaan Movie Review
If their earlier outings ‘Ayan’ and ‘Maattrraan’ served action in measured quantities, ‘Kaappaan’, the third outing of Suriya and director K V Anand, serves it in a much bigger way to the audience, keeping them on the edge of their seats in most parts.

While action films usually have no room for much dialogues and emotions, ‘Kaappaan’ has them in enough amounts. And what more? It also conveys multiple messages besides carrying romance and comedy too.

Though there is nothing new as far as the basic plot is concerned, the way it has been delivered with grand production values makes all the difference. And, Suriya is no doubt the soul and the strength of the movie.

The story goes like this: Kathir (Suriya) is an undercover officer who carries out extraordinary secret tasks for the government of India. Impressed with his work, Prime Minister Chandrakanth Varma (Mohanlal) appoints him as his personal bodyguard (a Special Protection Group officer).

Even as Kathir and the PM develop a close rapport and the former also falls in love with the Prime Minister’s Press Secretary Anjali (Sayyeshaa), Varma gets killed in a brutal assassination.

While the blame falls on Kathir for the security lapse, Varma’s playful son Abhishek (Arya) takes over the mantle. In the meantime, there is multi-millionaire businessman Mahadev (Boman Irani) who influences the government a lot.

The rest is all about whether Kathir is able to find out the culprits behind the Prime Minister’s assassination and whether he thwarts their evil designs for India.

Suriya is super fine for this role and he delivers nothing but his best in each and every scene. Sayyeshaa has got nothing much to do, while Mohanlal, the Malayalam top star, adds value with his performance.

The likes of Arya, Samuthirakani and Boman Irani are right choices for their respective roles. Music by Harris Jayaraj, especially background score, aids the proceedings well. Cinematography is of top notch, while editing could have been better.

Dialogues that touch the present issues in the country are razor sharp and the credits go to Pattukottai Prabhakar and director K V Anand. On the whole, though ‘Kaappaan’ gives us a feeling of watching a Vijayakanth or Arjun film of the 1990s, it delivers goods in a grand manner and also conveys important messages. It’s a complete treat for Suriya fans.
Rating: 3.25/5 – Action unlimited