Ram and Nabha’s chemistry is highlight of iSmart Shankar

Ram and Nabha’s characters and their chemistry is the highlight of iSmart Shankar
Ismart shankar is huge on collections in all its release centres, one of the main strength’s of the film are the characters of the lead pair Ram and Nabha. Ram’s character and his energy is drool worthy. He pulls off the character with great conviction and looks convincing in the tough part and has also done a great job with the comedy scenes of the character. Nabha surprises the audience with her diametrically opposite character compared to her debut film and has now become the darling of the masses.

This kind of chemistry hasn’t been seen between a lead pair in the recent past.

Director puri is known to have taken special interest in writing the scenes between them. Also, the scenes were so entertaining that many of the people of the film crew were completely surprised and entertained on the set itself when the scenes were being filmed.

“I haven’t seen these kinds of characters in any of the films I worked. Both of them are crazy characters and the romance between them is even crazier and entertaining, we had so much fun looking at them perform on the set itself while filming the scenes. The director even ended up writing a few scenes extra because the chemistry was so good.” said an undisclosed source on the set.

The lead pair is seen having an electrifying chemistry in romantic scenes and also pull off a surprising amount of comedy. Nabha and Ram’s comic timing is on dot and is sending audiences into huge bouts of laughter.

The quirky characters and the unique chemistry between them is winning hearts all over and that is shown with the massive collections in mass centres.

Both the characters are pakka mass masala quirky characters which will remain in the hearts of the audience for a long time.