Mementos reflect the events of Pollachi “Karuthukkalai Pathivu Sei”

Actor SSR Ariyan, Actress Upasana Rai starring Karuthukkalai Pathivu Sei Movie Stills. Directed by Rajasekar.
M Pictures produces the image of the film and produces the film “karuthukkalai pathivu semi”.

The actress who portrays the artist’s ambitious role in the film is the son of the great actor SSR as the SSR.Ariyan as hero. Upashana Rai is the heroine.

All other stars are newcomers …
Cinematography – Manohar
Music – Ganesh Raghavendra
Songs – Sorko
Art – Mano
Editing Maruti ….
Dance – S.L .Balaji
Production executive – D.B. Venkatesan
Rajasekar is the script writer of the film
Co-production – JSK Gopi, .. Director Rahul .

He has already done two films that are both Jithan 2 and 1 A.M … Both of these films are horror type films …

Karuthukkalai pathivu sei movie also horror type movie. Rahul says, “I believe the horror type films are always welcome to fans. Much of the film’s shooting ended .

This is about social networking Facebook. She became acquainted with Facebook and became friends and loved her and lost her chastity.

And the girl who escaped from the brutal torture who locked the girl in a room decided what kind of punishment she gave him.

Pollachi’s sexual abuse incidents have already been recorded in my “Karuthukkalai pathivu sei” … The Pollachi incident has erupted in the context of the final phase of the film’s final phase of work … I have recorded that the real events are reflective.

Parents thinks to give the children Mobile phone.that is not at all phone “DEVIL”

Rahul says the film is coming soonToday’s Fa. cebook page and social networking site are all about the risk of women being threatened