Singer Bhuvana Seshan sexual charges against Vairamuthu

AR Rahman’s sister, another singer confirm sexual charges against Vairamuthu

There seems to be no stopping for the sexual charges against lyricist Vairamuthu. AR Raihana, sister of Oscar-Grammy winner A R Rahman, has said the allegations against the lyricist were an open secret.

“It’s an open secret. I have heard many in the past,” she said in a television interview and added that as soon as Rahman came to know about this incident, he asked ‘Is this news true?’ and she told him about the incidents happened to others in the industry.

A singer called Bhuvana Seshan has also made sexual charges against Vairamuthu. “I have carried the pain in my heart for years and I shudder every time I see his face on television. I met Vairamuthu for a jingle. Vairamuthu penned the lyrics and was also producing the project,” she said, narrating her ‘experience’.

“He was ‘impressed’ by my voice and diction. He took my number and asked me to meet him in his office wuith a demo. I gave him the demo. He started connecting with me on phone,” she said.

One day, he said I not just have a great voice but also an intelligent woman. Discomforting started after he described me in Tamil. I told him am uncomfortable. I simply told him not to call anymore, she further said.

“He called me to accompany him to Malaysia. When I refused, he threatened to spoil my career,” Bhuvana said and added that she subsequently lost three abroad trips and recording opportunities.