Rajini’s strong statement to fans

Rajini's strong statement to fans

Rajini Makkal Mandram strong statement to fans
In a strong statement to his fans, superstar Rajinikanth on Tuesday said the changes that were made in the Rajini Makkal Mandram were done only after his approval.

The actor also said the fans should get along with public and work with them and share the party responsibility.
He reiterated that they should not be looking for posting or benefits from the party, just because they are in fans club for years.

He said he wants to begin a change in Tamil Nadu politics and added that it will be of no use if people in the Makkal Mandram behave like those in the other parties.

He warned that no cadre has been asked to spend money for the Mandram and asked the fans to work selflessly for which they will definitely get their reward.