Imaikka Nodigal Movie Review

Nayanthara Imaikka Nodigal Movie Review
A psycho serial killer Anurag Kashyap is on the loose in city and is a big challenge to the police. He is so much fearless that during a press meet organised by the CBI, he reveals his identity and challenges the cops to catch him if possible.

Nayathara, an intelligent CBI officer, is assigned to nab this notorious killer. On her mission to track down the antagonist, she finds that there is a personal hidden motive behind his moves.

In the due course she also has to handle the ego of her senior official. Was Nayanthara able to hunt down the criminal or did he outwit her forms the rest.

With each character in the movie having a crucial role, the casting has been top notch with every artiste doing their roles well. Vijay Sethupathi who plays a small cameo in the movie leaves an impact on the audience which is much needed for the film.

Nayanthara with so much shades to her character has utilised every single opportunity to showcase her talent and once again prove why is the top ranked female star in the industry.

Atharvaa who has a matured role to play in the movie has got in to the skin of the character and has delivered it. Raashi Khanna who plays Atharavaa’s love interest has done her job satifactorily. The show stealer in the movie is Anurag Kashyap who has made a strong Kollywood debut.

Hiphop Thamizha Aadhi’s background score is a big advantage to keep the mood of the movie intact. Director Ajay Gnanamuthu has used many sub plots to keep the audience engaged throughout the running time of the movie of three hours.

Imaikka Nodigal is an interesting thriller movie supported by many sub plots. Length is however the main problem of the flick.
Rating: 3/5 – Does not let you blink