Panjumittai Movie Review

Panjumittai Movie Review Ma Ka Pa Anand Nikhila Vimal
Ma Ka Pa Anand and Sendrayan are childhood friends. The former gets married to Nikhila Vimal and moves to Chennai and settles there without informing Sendrayan.

Nikhila tells her husband that she is fond of yellow colour. Sendrayan who searches and finds the location of Ma Ka Pa comes to his house in a yellow dress.

This makes Ma Ka Pa to suspect his wife and he fights with her. They both live separately for a few days and rejoin after striking a compromise.

Problem arises again when Nikhila says that she does not like yellow colour anymore and her favourite is blue.

Next day Sendrayan comes in blue colour which once again makes the couple to fight. Finally Nikhila says that she does not like any colour at all.

But, the next day Sendrayan comes to their place wearing a white shirt. This once again creates ripples among the couples but also ends the friendship of Ma Ka Pa and Sendrayan.

After a few days, Sendrayan is mentally affected and gets admitted to a hospital. What is the reason behind Sendrayan’s condition, did the couple solve their differences and reunite form the rest of the story.

Ma Ka Pa has done fairly well in the character of a man who is caught between friendship and his married life. He has dealt the emotional scenes well.

Sendrayan as an innocent friend and a mentally challenged person in the second half has gained the appreciation of the audience.

Nikhila has got a strong role in the movie and has done her job to near perfection. Director Mohan has taken the script of a short film and has tried to give it as a full-fledged feature film.

He could have concentrated more on the screenplay and depth of the characters. Also, he could have trimmed the running time of the film considerably. Imman’s music is one of the biggest strengths of the movie.

Panchumittai is a good story for a short film that fails to impress much in the big screen.
Rating: 2.5/5 – Unique taste